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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Genesis

Jewel of Garnett has expressed over 18 years in the entertainment business. The CEO, Garnetta Clark, has expressed multiple artistic talents within this time.

With her career beginning in theater carpentry and prop design, she molded herself into being known as a set designer, lighting programmer, lighting designer, sound designer, musician, DJ, event coordinator, promoter, distributor, publisher and now business owner.

Jewel of Garnett has been a company in the works for at least a decade, but now Garnetta chooses to let the world know what she is capable of. Garnetta has chosen to take all of these talents to the forefront of her business. In the near future you will experience events coordinated by Jewel of Garnett all over the United States, Canada and the world. The events will be multifaceted in mediums and artist from around the world. Her brand, SheFM will launch at WMC 2010 (Winter Music Conference). In 2010, you will experience the dawn of a new age in entertainment to come.