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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jesse Saunders presents the DJ Divas | Broken Records

DJ Divas | Broken Records

So we have discovered that our fellow men in the industry are making ways for females to shine. Jesse Saunders created the DJ Divas project. I really love the fact that he chooses to bring new talent into the forefront of dance music. Check it out!

As described:

Jesse Saunders presents the “DJ DIVAS” (BR-1020)
Broken Records is proud to announce the 1st installment of Jesse Saunders’ DJ DIVAS compilation series.

The Originator is back again, this time to take you on a musical journey featuring female DJs from around the world. From funky House to Deep Rasta grooves, and from Techy beats to Electro House, there’s something for everyone and the sensuality that only a woman can bring shines through!

DJ Alexia (Rome, Italy) is the featured Producer on this album with 4 songs of her own Sexy Ways, Raw Diamonds, House of Divas & Crush and contributing to the Intro to the album as well. Also featured, is Miss Lisa (San Diego, CA) and DJ Slynkee (NYC) with their Electro House track Going Back To Cali.

Veteran Producer Teri Bristol brings the funk and hype with her track I Can’t Get Enough and DJ Robynmasterminds an incredible House Music production of Go Tell It On The Mountain. The incomparable, late Latin Diva Sandee gives us a memorable performance on The Strangest Feeling with DJ Sam Elliott (Manchester, England). Last, but certainly not least, DJ JENuendo (St. Louis, MO) brings the funk with Speaker Freaker, a funky driving collaboration with Marc Matrix.

Newcomer Melanie Sutherland (Toronto, Canada) takes us on a journey blending Deep afro-centric beats with rastafarian overtones with her track Rastafari and another newcomer DJ Goodhouse (Las Vegas, NV)mixes it up with some trippy beats on Anything You Need.

Known as the “Originator” of House Music, Jesse Saunders wrote, produced, performed and mixed the world’s very 1st house record “ON and ON” on his upstart record label Jes Say Records out of Chicago in 1984. Celebrating 25 years of House Music, Jesse has been featured in numerous documentaries, books and magazines including the award winning “Put The Needle On The Record” and “Pump Up The Volume.” He also wrote the definitive history with his book “House Music…The Real Story.”

The DJ DIVAS Compilation brings together some of the world’s best female DJs to showcase GIRL POWER and unity! Featuring some feel good funky, Tribal, Deep and Electro House Music this album will have your sensual side surely making an appearance!

Track Listing:
1.) DJ Divas Intro (Jesse Saunders) DJ_Divas_Intro.mp3
2.) Anything You Need – DJ Goodhouse Anything_You_Need.mp3
3.) Crush – DJ Alexia Crush.mp3
4.) Go Tell It On The Mountain – DJ Robyn Go_Tell_It_On_The_Mountain.mp3
5.) Going Back To Cali (Dirty Filthy Blahstards Electro Mix) – Miss Lisa & DJ Slynkee Going_Back_To_Cali-Electro_Rmx.mp3
6.) House of Divas – DJ Alexia feat. Holly Adams House_Of_Divas.mp3
7.) I Can’t Get Enuf– Teri Bristol I_Cant_Get_Enuf.mp3
8.) Rastafari – Melanie Sutherland Rastafari.mp3
9.) Raw Diamonds – DJ Alexia Raw_Diamonds-DJ_Alexia.mp3
10.) Sexy Ways – DJ Alexia feat. Jazsmin Lewis Sexy_Ways-DJ_Alexia_Feat_Jazsmin_Lewis.mp3
11.) Speaker Freaker (Remix) – DJ JENuendo and Marc Matrix Speaker_Freaker_Rmx-DJ_JENuendo.mp3
12.) The Strangest Feeling – Sam Elliott feat. SandeeThe_Strangest_Feeling-Sam_Elliott_feat_Sandee.mp3


OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: November 2, 2010.