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Monday, March 21, 2011

Animating Reason’s Knobs

Animating Reason’s Knobs: "


Have you ever wanted to make a knob move around on its own? With the Reason 3.0 addition of the combinator device, this is possible. And it’s pretty entertaining to see the MClass EQ device’s EQ curve dance around (as seen in the animation) when its knobs are moved automatically. Steps 3 and 5

First, create a combinator device in the rack.

Then right-click inside the combinator device and create a Subtractor synth.

Press tab to flip the Subtractor around, and draw a cable from LFO 1 (under Modulation Input) to Rotary 1 on the Combinator device. Optionally, you can change the amount on the CV amount knob next to the Rotary 1 input, and this will affect the amount of modulation. Flip the rack around again, and click “Show programmer” on the Combi device. Select Subtractor 1 on the leftmost list, and on the right, select “Filter Freq” from the first list box. The boxes to the right control the minimum and maxium values that will be sent to the filter frequency slider. Notice the Filter frequency knob is moving on its own! Now, the section on the Subtractor labeled “LFO 1″ is where you can change the speed (rate) of the modulation. Notice the Amount knob doesn’t affect how the filter frequency slider is now moving. The LFO can still work independently and modulate the available parameters (like Osc pitch, FM amount, Phase, etc.) Try experimenting with the value of the Rotary 1 knob, the Min and Max boxes in the programmer, and the CV amount knob to get the perfect settings. Go crazy with the modulation routing, and animate different knobs, it’s great fun. Notice you can use ANY Modulation Output source and control the knobs like this. Anothing thing to try is the Spider CV merger/splitter. With this tool, you can send multiple CV signals all from one LFO. To make the animation seen above, I used the CV splitter to make two copies of the LFO signal, one of them inverted. That’s how I got one EQ gain paramater to move up while the other moved down.