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Monday, March 21, 2011


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Amplitude modulation in Reason 3This involves drawing many sequential ON and OFFs in your volume automation. For an example of this technique, listen to this example from “outer shpongolia” by shpongle. In Reason, there is really simple way to achieve this effect with the matrix pattern sequencer.

Here’s an example that you can use in Reason 2.5 or above: Download the example .rns file

Route the gate cv out of a matrix into the amp level in of any device. As you can see on the front side of the matrix, there is a note sequencer and a gate sequencer directly underneath it. Notice in the screenshot I have drawn in a pattern into the gate sequencer. This will automatically control the volume of the Subtractor synth. To create stuttery sounds, play a sequence through the synth while the matrix is on. Start drawing gating notes and see how it sounds. To create tie notes (the wide red columns that take up a whole grid box to themselves), hold down shift while drawing notes. Notice that you can also change the time resolution on the very right knob. This will make your pattern be interpreted at different speeds. For super-stutter, make it really fast =D Now you can program many different patterns by playing with the buttons on the left of the device. You can then automate the changes of the patterns for creating a unique, easy to manage microedited sound! For all other programs, you can automate the volume with a tempo grid turned on. Just draw volume automation into on and off patterns at different grid divisions.