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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Internet radio 356?

Ok. So this post everyday thing hasn't been working out so well. I had to cancel my internet on Saturday otherwise I would get stuck in a contract. The signal was way to weak and there was no purpose in paying for internet that you can't use. So, and I didn't go to a virtual office (Starbucks or McD's) to make a post yesterday. Actually I am my virtual office now, until I get the internet figured out. That also doesn't work very well for broadcasting an online station. CRAP! Sorry for the outburst, but I just had to say something. So other than that the station seems to be coming together.

Actually I am going to check on the station now. I know that Vinyl Bitchie played for about 2 hrs on Thursday. Now to get Melody Lane to play her two hours a week. Frustrating.

So something weird has been happening every since I was fired for tweeting about a Starbucks. Yeah, long story short the hotel owned the Starbucks. The just lease the license to the brand of coffee. I spoke with a district manager and everything. Ridiculous I know. Well it has just caused me to focus more energy on SheFM and it getting off the ground. So the Facebook Page for the station seems to be working. I wish I could see if the landing page is the station or not. Since I am the developer, I only really see the developer side of things. Well, I will figure it out.

I realize that there are only two companies that supply internet fast enough for what I need and they love raping there sutomers. I wish these smaller vendors could really compete! Sucks! Okay. SO I realize that I am rambling and complaining so I will find something more productive to do.

Talk to you later