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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Internet radio 358

Ok. Yesterday s lot of nothing happened. Melanie was suppose to braodcast her show, but there was a problem receiving the audi feed. So minor breakdowns. I am over my brothers listening to the quality of the station and checking the overall airing.

So I am building several apps right now, and it seems a bit overwhelming. Why do i choose to have difficulty in my life. Cause at times. I could be difficult myself. Ok everyone who knows the answer to that, keep it to yourself. Let me clear my throat. Ladies and gentlemen, I am in love. In love with the idea of this station really being a part of people's everyday life.

You know it is exciting to see how the world has changed sine social media. I am still amazed at the thing I can do now, that wasn't available 5 years ago. Facebook was only for college students from IVY league schools. Thank goodness they let go of that conversation. So the audio qualit is pretty good. I need to go back an complete a couple more demos for the station. I realized that some artist really may not know how to work the system. So i have to show them. So tutorial videos on the station we have. I am actually listening to the station as I write this blogg. Exciting to see where it is going to go. But what clearing am I or not, for the station to take so long to really launch.

No! I haven't written that letter to Oprah yet. I am scared. Who is to say that she is going to support what we are doing anyway. Now she has her "OWN" network/ C'mon! Really! ok. ok. those words were a little harsh.

Well you can go to the station at any time. The commercials are driving me crazy!!!! We really need the rest of the funding so that the station can be commercial free. That's about 5K a year to do that. Now if we wanted to really have the station completely branding we just our & invited products that cost about 140K a year. Running a station can be costly. As we get closer to fund raising tactics I will let you know. There are a couple of ides that will be launched very soon. In addition, I have been sleeping less these days than every before. Is this waht it looks like to really launch a business and an idea?

Well I will check back in with you in a few hours.