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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Internet radio 358.5

So to my surprise, i had several surprise today. Right now as I am typing this blog I am listening to my newest, dreamy track A Walk Through the Cafe by
Melanie S.

Second suprise, I watch one of the DJs for SheFM© come on live and practice a set for a second. Pretty cool .I was actaually updating website stuff and I was watching the stream when she came on. Yeah! First srtist airs tomorrow! First to officially air is
Vinyl Bitchie! She airs from 4 to 8p every Thursday. Cool. Other DJs coming out of St. Louis area are, Melody Lane & Feel_It-City. Stay on the look out for these chart climbers. Third, the integration on facebook and all apps are starting to work. That is exciting. Let's see what else? So now to solidify the funding so people can make some money. I want to make sure the SheFM© residents are happy with their contributions. That make me happy too! So it looks like SheFM© is finally coming together. NOw to get the rest of the talent for the station. When all the spot are filled, I know everyone else is going to wish they were involved. First steps though.

Man this is such a delicious track. A Walk Through the Cafe by Melanie S. Sweet! Well for now I am going back to work on more web & social networking stuff. Chat with you soon. Oh wait a minute, i forgot to ell you. My internet connection is really bad so I have to upgrade to another service. I want to switch service seamlessly. That will be the best thing.