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Monday, March 21, 2011

Internet Radio 359

So it is 4:29p and I am posting updates now.

Ok since last post, i have taken on another 2 websites. Discovered opportunities with grants, played Frontierville, checked my Caƒe World, talked to 2 business partners, schedule a venue site survey, put in a request for proposal to a high profile hotel brand, updates pics of talent for SheFM© website, accept twitter followers, accept friend request on facebook, send friend request on facebook. Listen to some archive interviews, DJ LadyD on Jewel of Garnett radio (I will post the player below), and create more space for advertising with SheFM© radio.

Show djladyd Feb2010 Jewel of Garnett radio by Jewel of Garnett

Now for everything to manifest into reality.

So I have realized in all the schooling, training and development, it all assists me so much more in my business. Understanding SEO optimixation, graphic design, programming, ecommerce, fashion, etc. KUDOS!

And now I am taking an update break, to share with you! Please let me know what is missing!

Ok! Okay~~~ So you are wondering what happened to Jewel of Garnett radio? Well it is still there, and I realized that I need more flexibility and scheduling for new talent, beside this nes source for SheFM© radio is cheaper to run and more socially integrated. Oh did i share how I added a share button to the website! Yup!

Going back to the cat cave, talk to you later!