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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Internet Radio 360

It is only the 5th day and I am finding myself having to make up things to talk about...


Today I accomplished, more solid branding for SheFM. I still have about 5 DJs that said they would be a part of the radio station and now they are MIA. I though MIA was a pop artist? Guess I am mistaken. So, how do I handle these artist that made a promise and are not willing to follow through? Even more, how do I handle these DJs when the money comes in and I can actually pay salaries to the resident DJs on the station? Do you think the popularity of being a resident will pick up? First things first, any earned income outside of operation cost. The initial resident DJs get paid first. And in order for me to secure the proper funding, I need great talent that is willing to contribute now and have patience for me to generate income for everyone. World willing (my mom used to say 'God willing' all the time, so I have made a new slogan) anyways... As long as the world aligns to what we are up to, there will be 79 othere women besides myself that will be DJs with a sustainable salary to keep them going in everyday life. Some of the talent, are sinlge moms' who need all the income they can get. Kids are EXPENSIVE! I know! I was one! Wait a minute, I STILL AM! Plus, Some bread winners today can really use more income. Who couldn't use more income. MORE INCOME! MORE INCOME! MORE INCOME!

(break time) ~~elevator music~~~

SO I realized that it is 12:37 on Monday and this post is going to look like I wrote this later. So I am actually starting this post on the correct date and it post late. Got it? Good

I am going to regroup and talk to you later this evening. Oh should I write that letter to Oprah while I am gone? hmmmm choices, choices