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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Internet Radio 361

Ok so far, I have realized that the facebook registration box if kinda working. Well it allows you to register but, it doesn't connect you directly to the SheFM 24/7 app. So I have to find out how it directing. It is all in the direction. So otherwise, the registration prompt is working.

You i realize that i like simple programming. It makes life so much more fun. (Uh did I say that out loud! D(*&) Anyways, so the website is coming together.

I am experiencing some difficulty with my company website showing live. It keeps showing up as unfound. The proxy is not directing correctly once again.So otherwise, everything seems to be working. I have noticed that a few people are checking my work and have registered on the website. Good for them! they are ready to go once I get all these programming glitches fixed.

Music... haven't really produced any in the past week. Frustrated with that. Building this website for the community is work. And right now I am the only one doing it.

SO I figured out some numbers. I have the potential for 80 employees in the official launch year of SheFM. How do I secure income for all 80 women? (well, mostly women. probably 85%). Does anyone have any suggestion on writing and submitting the perfect sponsorships letter or proposal? Need a grant specialists that produces results. Willing to give a 10% confirmation fee, per grant! HELP! Hmmmm, anything else? {cricket} {cricket}

Well that is all that is coming to me right now. I will write back if there is anymore. Talk to you later!