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Friday, March 18, 2011

Internet Radio 362

Today is Friday and it just seems like I don;t have enough time in the day to do everything I want. So I have two fashion shows to produce next month, an internet radio station to maintain, get more funding for operations, pay bills, and continue to create income for myself.

I know, it all sounds easy, but unfortunately I ost my job today. They did not like me tweeting about someone's lack of customer service during a visit to a hotel owned Starbucks! Since the store was owned by the hotel, they told my "AV" company(for a lack of a better word) that i was not to ever step foot on premises again. Due to the nature the corporation looked at it as I upset a major customer with the corporation. So they fired me immediately. I realize in all of this I was operating out of integrity for myself. I settled for an income that didn't work and come to work with the attitude that i deserve more income and I am better than most people there cause I have a Master's degree. Well there you have it! Another one bites the dust!

So I have chosen to really generate income s impactful o that I can concentrate all my greatness around SheFM© and the talent involved. How am I going to even accomplish this? Who knows, and I am committed to SheFM© being a successful and part in the electronic dance scene community.

So far, I have accomplished the like box intergration on the SheFM© website. Take a look and like please! It actually takes everyone right to the SheFM 27/7 radio app. (Which is still in development). I am also creating a SheFM app. Lots of programming.

Any programmers want to volunteer expertise and hours to help? Well if interested, email me at:

Otherwise, it is just another day in the world having a business generate income for everyone involved and getting paid to do what you love. Furthermore, I am working on getting it where you can register using your facebook login info, so that you don;t have to fill out more general information to fully use the website. THere are aspects of the site that you must be logged into to really get the full experience. More details on that as it gets accomlished.

Well until tomorrow!

Spinning spinning your music!