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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Internet Radio 363

Ok! So I already broke the first rule. I missed writing yesterday. Nothing really happened anyway.

Today was the first official tweet from an artist about the radio station today.

It says:
Melanie Sutherland (DjMelanieS):
Can't wait to start my weekly live show next Tuesday on @shefm

YEAH!! Finally getting some action on the station. I have done a test recording to get the station started with some music but, i really want everyone to contribute. It is really excited to see it all come together.

It seems the bigger name DJs are reluctant to participate cause they do not see enough press & exposure yet. Exposure & press will grow with time. The station is still growing! Six months from now it will look completely different. Then six months from that it will be even more transformed. It is really great to see it all come together.

So far we have: Vinyl Bitchie, Melanie S., Melody Lane, the Bareness, DJ LORi, & many more

Pretty exciting!

Well forgive me for missing yesterday. This is harder than it sounds!

Talk to you tomorrow