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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Internet Radio 365

SO I have choosen to write a post everyday for the next year. I am sure this is going to be a great challenge being that I have only posted very randomly for the past 6 months? I put a question marks cause I really haven't been paying attention to when I post.

Most of my post have been random information, reviews, and updates on female artist and product reviews.

So here we go...

I choose the context of this conversation to be around building and developing a community of women around the globe, to support, embrace and encourage women in music. Particularly electronic dance music.

Jewel of Garnett initially became an outlet to marketing my personal services but, then I realized the picture was much bigger than that. We are a community of women in all styles, shapes, colors, and cultures, that one great thing in common. The common ground is music. I find extraordinary that no matter what part of the earth you come from, humans seems to always be able to communicate through music. No matter what language the vocals are in. Now we have grown into a community called SheFM©. SheFM© is a community of women who share, collaborate, and promote each other in music.

So to top everything off this is what I have been creating in the background;

Facebook Group: SheFM Group You must be invted into this group. It is closed to the general public!
Facebook App: Still under construction
Internet radio station: SheFM©
Twitter: Twitter

And still get the retail and facebook integration to work!
I have been experiencing difficulties in programming and that's frustrating.

Otherwise, there seems to be getting some ground moving.

The largest struggle it seems is getting other DJs to fully commit to really having this community in bloom. Beyond that, this too shall pass. until tomorrow!