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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birth of the "Butterfly"

Birth of the Butterfly

So today is a very peaceful day. I woke up to peace and happiness. How pleasant. In my many meetings and adventures today, I came in contact with this exhilarating artist named Nick DePeder. He began to share his pieces with my business Partner Kimya Norene and I. He shared his inspiration in each piece, talked about a much needed sabbatical, and the greatness of the human race. Nick shared something we about the struggles that each human has in the adventures of manifesting their dreams into reality.

Each person is their own butterfly. Every butterfly when transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly must go through the cocoon - or "hardening" process of life. He reminded Kimya and I, that each "butterfly" must break there shells on there own otherwise they do not live. So when a caterpillar goes from a soft skin to the cocoon shell, its is imparitivce that caterpillar goes fully through the natural metamorphosis process. In order for it to be a uniques butterfly that makes a difference from its' uniqueness. And when the butterfly is ready to emerge from its' shell its must go through the struggle process fully. If the butterfly is helped in phase of the metamorphosis. The butterfly dies. So each unique butterfly must go through their 'personal' struggle to get to its' character uniqueness, so that they can contribute to life. Hmmm. So I am a butterfly breaking our of its shell. Awesome! I nevr saw myself that way before. And guess what? YOU are a butterfly! Whoo hoo!! So it is perfect that all the struggles that I have been experiencing around SheFM© really being alive is the breaking of the shell! Thank goodness that shell is almost completely open. YEAH!~!! Shell Shell, go away, leave me in the world to play!

So all that I have to say is BRING IT ON! As Obama would say.

Fired Up! Ready to Go!