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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Internet Radio in the making

Well, I am discovering that the resident DJs are all having technical issues with logging in a staying live. some are gettign sound but are only give 5 minutes and some are not gettign sound. I have noticed somthing that is consistent, they all have PCs. Not Macs, but PC. I wonder if there is somethign with the system itself where it doesn't really work on a PC all that great. hmmmmmm ... I really wish I can be in each spot to help each artist trouble shoot their show gear and get them rolling. I feel a road trip coming on. Maybe. So is this what it looked like for Oprah when she started everything. They gave her some old beatup studio space in a seedy part of town and, "Here ya go!". I don't know if everyone knws but they (CBS) was trying to phase Oprah out of the company all together. They gave her a final 3 year contract. Well 25 years later, I say she FULFILLED that contract. LOL Anyway, why am i going on a rant about Harpo. (Cause secretly, well, actully well known, I have always wanted to be Oprah's PA, tech, Student, and go to person, which wil never happen. It's nice to dream) Oh i remember, i was aking does this happen to al producers? The breakdowns around having a show be alive? I can only imagine that it is 10 times more for a movie director. Let's not talk about those ventures yet! It gets me overwhelmed even imagining it. What to do? What to do? Any suggestions?