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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Internet radio

So to answer your question, I worked out the homelessness. There is none. I am secured headquarters to SheFM©. I guess that is a little much info. I get really stressed when I walk into the unknown. Si that is good. Now for all the utilities to convert over into the company. Uggghhh. (Ok. OK! I will stop whining!) My patience is really being used during this whole process.The electric has to be install before they can install the internet lines. Which could take as long as 45 days to complete the installation for business internet access. Why does it have to take up to 45 days. AN INTERRUPTION FOR SURE! Ok... I know inside voice. I had this coworker who use to always say, "Man, Garnetta, you are so loud. Do you realixe that you are inside?"


So i am staying with family during the whole electricity issue. But it is not like I can live with them. And why would I wabt to? (Well actually i can think of a fes things but, this is not about that.)

So does anyone have any suggestions or ideas. Maybe something I am overlooking that will make a difference with all this stuff? Connect with me on facebook or tweet me.