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Friday, April 15, 2011

Internet whatever

Ok so i haven;t been my word about filling entries for this blog everyday for the next year. No on is probably reading this thing anyway. So I find myself overwhelmed with frustration, fear, and worry. So I realize in order for this station to be a complete pleasant experience there is initial investments that must be made. In the process of al this, I still trying ti pay my reant, car note and phone bill to keep the main "functions of lie" going. Yeah i know, this is every American's struggle with the economy the way that it is. Well, let me remind you about the generalizations I just said. "every" American is a a generalization. As I experience he monetary gap getting bigger and more and more poor people crying for help, i ask myself what makes me different? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it doesn't mean anything. But what I am making it means is the world wants to see me continuously fail! SUCKS!

I have found myself many times with great ideas, that I have shares with others. In sharing those ideas, they tell me it is a good idea, do not support, and wait until i fall flat on my face and run with my ideas. So many times I have experiences that just in getting resident DJ gigs in Chicago. Chicago can be a really cruel place. The competition here is so high, how can anyone seed "this needle" in the world's haystack? I guess I just have to shone brighter than any star. I am committed to this project more than people will really ever get. I want to be know as contributing in music in a large way before I die. Doesn't seem like I am making any head way.

So the electricity in my place is off and I am working on getting that back on. In addition, I am working all my utilities being in the company name so that I can really show the overhead cost of running this business. So now what. My landlord has been really generous with me in getting myself together. I am grateful for that. Furthermore, I have been working on securing financial backing to really have the station fly. No responses yet. So now what?

Any suggestions?I am open to coaching. Well until the next entry. Talk to you soon and enjoy your beats.