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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am your Archetype!

Ok. So I woke up this morning to rain , thunder, and darkeness at 8a. I thought it was still like 5 am until I looked at my cellphone laying next to me and saw the time. Next, I get up to check my facebook and the first message I see is Cz's Night out blog asking where are all our great female producers? hmm. RIGHT HERE is one.

First I have been dabbling with the piano since I was 9. I started playing traditionally saxaphones at age 12, eventually graduating my curiosity to guitar, bass, and drums. I actually didn't even take my first piano lesson until I was 19. Now many years later, I too want to be that archetype. Actually if you go through all the music I have produced you will see that i have over 40 tracks of music and only 22 have been released. But no one has paid attention. That is where SheFM© comes in. I realized over time that there is a huge missing for female role models in all genres of electronic dance music. Hence SheFM radio. (Actually my first album, i went to male DJs and asked them to play my CD, Stacking Blocks, and help share my music. I only gave them a promo if they promised to play it. Did they play it? Only one that I know of, Rob Thurmond. Everyone else probably used it as a coaster). Rob plays it all the time. Actually every time I produce a track, Rob is asking for it EVERY TIME. Thanks Rob Thurmond. Love you!

Stacking Blocks is finally in backorder after 5 years of being on the market.

In my ventures of having this company really be the main resource that women and others can go to for personal inspiration and relatedness to their love of music. Czarina brought up many great points about many female procuders. They have a male counterpart that really produces the track and then they put their name onto it. Yeah, it seems to be the forever growing trend. Their are other females that are making music. Then while reading her article I asked Mary Jane Who? I have been actively in the music scene in Chicago alone for well over 20 years. Never heard of her. And I love discovering and hearing new music! I was that girl who always held up the speaker at all the large parties and continued to tell myself, "That will be soon enough".

Well 20 years later, I am still having problems with people being interested or even listening to what I am contributing to the culture and people of house music from around the world. I had to pay or even worse, beg someone to review my music and give me an educated opinion about where my music is growing. Besides, I think one of my reviews described me as "a rendition of Aphex Twins". Basically, I took that as, it's old and been done before. Thanks for your unkind words. Every piece of music equipment that I own now has been earned and worked for. Believe that! So to answer your question Czarina, there are many female producers producing great music and they are not even getting a first look. We are still with the conversation, "Oh she may not be the best, but she is even more so pretty to look at."

Well in my case, I am sure that is not the case. Being that I am lesbian, a lot of men have not even wanted to listen to what I have to say cause, they can not have me. Women can though. (That is a little off track). And yes, the world of music production has reduced to many producers making tracks on laptop with some DAW. But everyone is doing that. Especially the guys. They can take a piece of something or sample a bit and then they are a genius for making a new experience with something that has already been done. But they are guys right? They can do anything and it be considered genius. HOGWASH! I think there is a new evolution of producers that are emerging too make a difference in music. These women are marching to the front lines and standing their ground. Stand your ground ladies. Steady.

Yes, unfortunately women have really only been recognized for their stellar vocals and making those classic tracks. If it wasn't for theose women willing to sing through a microphone, those classic tracks made by men, would not even be. So where do we go from here? We step up and start sharing our talents, overcome our fears, and KEEP producing until you make that stellar hit track. At the beginning of my career, all I saw was men DJing and that was annoying. Women are equally intelligent to any man. Ladies even with all the discouragement that others may give you. First, believe in yourself. Second, know yourself. Third, Love yourself. (Not in any particular order - but fully outright). We are SheFM©.