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Friday, June 17, 2011

Onionz Beautiful Music

SO I haven't done a review in a while. Let's see who we can pull out of the crates:

Onionz - Beautiful Music

Ladies & Gents, the single title says it all! This is beautiful music. With it's deep rolling bass line continuos around its shaker essence you completely can become emererged in its dreamy drive. The Original mix Teaser

Onionz-Beautiful Music_teaser by NightChild Records

Nightchild Recrds, an all digital female owned record label, has teamed up with one of the greatest legends of House music - Onionz. Andrew Venegas has been producing music and hits for over 30 years. How these two becam the power team in the industry, Rissa & Andrew only know. Heavily influenced by his jazz driven father Victor Venegas, Andrew was destined to seep deep grooves through your heart and soul. As a teen he play amongts thousands along side his father with his ryhtimic percussion. In 1982 he discovered the wheels of feel and never turned back. With over 200 hits from his home studio he continues to contribute and thrive with the rythmn of the night.

Here are a few places to keep in touch with this lovely darling:


Keep the beats alive!!!