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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calling ~~ "African Children" by DJ Dep

Ok ladies and gentlemen… NightChild Records has done it again. The newest release is by Luigi DePalma aka DJ Dep ~ African Children. (Of course the remixes are by "Boss" Rissa Garcia & Marco Soave's.)

This song takes you through three solid transitions of sound. The beginning keys and rhythmic patterns sets the tone for a journey in the Italian's expression of Africa. The rolling bass line keeps the heartbeat of these tracks consistent. In addition, the african children singing in the track, ties it all together. Honestly, I wish i knew what language they are speaking so that I can translate. I envision a hot, outdoor, carnival, with children running, laughing as cotton candy falls from their happy mouths. It gives you the sense that the air is filled with joy and fun. Once again, the Night Child records team has released another banger for your digital crates. For a small fee of $2.49 per track you too, can have some of the juiciest beats on the planet. Or you buy all the mixes for a total $7.47.

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