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Monday, August 8, 2011

Top five female electronic dance artists

So there seems to be a new opinion shared out there about the Top five female DJ/Producers in the world right now. Let us remind you, all of this stuff is based on opinions. These young bloggers Robby P & J-Brown, have written there top five lists. As a DJ and producer myself, i do have the question wondering is this an attraction motivation, based on the opinions of these two gentlemen? Now, there are very polar opposite opinions that surfaced from this posting. The original article can be found here: Top 5 Female DJ/Producers

#1 – NERVO (duo Mim & Liv) from Melbourne, Australia
#2 – Gina Turner (2010) from NYC aka Nouveau Yorican
#3 – Sydney Blu has releases on mau5trap
#4 – Dinka aka Tamara Hunkeler from Switzerland. Has releases on (Anjunabeats, Above & Beyond’s)
#5 – DJ Tatana aka Tatana Sterba (born 1976) moved to Switzerland in 1980 and produces
trance music

Now, SheFM’s opinion is just that, and we are a global community of women in electronic dance, from all walks of life. Well first, there are five top characteristics of full time musicians that may apply as well for DJs

1. They work very hard
2. They love what they are doing
3. It’s not about the money
4. They have support
5. They don’t give up

Hmmm, there maybe something there. How many of you female DJs use these top five rules as a staple to how to engage in your careers? I know in me creating this global company, no matter how much resistance I experience, I must keep it going. And there has been more resistance than anything. Now, there are people who are really supporting the intentions and mission of this company and really being a LARGE support. For that I AM GRATEFUL. (anywayssss). Staying focused, regardless of the resistance I realize this is a necessity in having women be the forefront of electronic dance music. Women deserve equality in every aspects of life. So how do we move forward from here? We embrace everyone inside of the community, big, known, small, and unknown alike. That is why men are in the forefront. They apprentice with someone who is wiling to mentor! They collaborate with one another. They support each other. They take interest in each other. Shall I keep going?

So there is an opportunity for us as a community of women to really be that in every aspect of our live all the time. Unfortunately, some people think of this company and collapse it as some form of feministic movement. (I guess it could be?) In addition, the real intention is experience a full community and culture of fantastic female electronic dance artists all over the world. So together, we can really make a difference for ourselves and each other, by being that! What do you think? To finish this all, there are several female artists in this world that are highly recognizable and it not just five women that keep this culture alive. According the SheFM CEO, there are thousands. Keep updated on the (appointed top 10 artists) by frequenting our website SheNews page.

It has also been brought to my opinion that there are some who how are so cliquish that they do not even care what the next female DJ is doing. Well that is another whole blog in itself, which i will refrain from talking about.