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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Music:

We are reviewing a new artists that has emerged. Her name is N-Tec aka Nikki Flame. With her first ever MIND EP release, we say there is something to listen to. N-Tec embraces her already known sound right into her own personal tracks. These three tracks define a league of consistent, rhythmic, aural explosions. We had the opportunity to hear the un mastered version and even then, we know this DJ/Producer to compete right out of the gate. Take a listen for yourself. N-Tec - MIND E.P (Mastered) by Nikki Flame (N-TEC) For you heavy tech house lovers, these driven beats are must have a date with your crate. Enjoy. Nikki says: 3 tracks...full of all the sounds I love and hopefully you will too..techy edged house... 1. Tekker...a real punch bag track,.....BOOM!!! 2. Tutah Techno - you'll love this groover 3. Inside my Mind - bit more progressive and slightly sexier... interested in for releasing, remixing please contact - One Love N-Tec xxx