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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Purple by Team Rissa

Alright! We announced the newest releases from Night Child Records and Team Rissa.

Freddy Parisi-Purple Freddy Parisi-Purple(Rissa Garcia Mix) Freddy Parisi-Purple(Jesus Pablo & DiRiviera Rerub)

By the sounds of everything, Team Rissa has choosen to be the "Ralph Lauren(s)" of Deep house with this newest release called PURPLE. This 3 track EP rounds out the simple driven keys over the very familiar syncopated drums rythmns. I can say my personal favorite on this EP is the 3rd remix by Jesus Pablo & DiRivera Rerub. Boy oh boy did they do that! This particular track reminds of the first track that attracted me to this label, Marvin Zyeuss "You Should Know" (Rissa Garcia remix). With the rolling bassline, melodic keys and complimenting strings you can reach a whole new level of bliss on the danceflor. Congrats Team Rissa. Great work! Out NOW buy exclusively on Beatport.

According to Miss Garcia: Freddy Parisi's latest offering is an elecrtic house stomper topped off with 2 remixes which take the track to a different level. Jesus Pablo and DiRiviera twists Purple into a deep haunting groove while Rissa Garcia turns it up a notch for those late night peak hour sets. Produced by:Freddy Parisi for NightChild Records Remixes by: Jesus Pablo & DiRiviera,Rissa Garcia Mastered by: Addex