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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SheTop 100

So there is a huge calling in the world about who are the best female DJs. SO SheFM is taking a poll. Started on Halloween Day, this poll has practically gone viral. The response is quite great. In the process of centralizing the polls, we are continuously breaking through new ways in expanding the brand and business of SheFM. Officially today, CEO Garnetta, confirms the first official release made available as a beatport record label. With all the excitement of the business, there is always something in the works. Garnetta says, "There is always work to be done." The poll was sparked from a conversation with Anna Kiss .of The question is, 'Why are there no females in the DJ Mag Top 100 lists?" This spiraled into a facebook page and huge article in the Gaurdian of the UK. It is actually quite refreshing to see women stand up and use their voices. And we have younger generations that are just not taking any more CRAP!We think we are tough, look at the generations on our heels. Really the conversation has been simmering in the background for well over 30 years. Yes, we give acknowledgment to all male DJs that paved the way. (When we say that we mean, the idea of it not only being a "job", but also known as a life expression and art form). There really is an art to being a DJ. It's a spirirtual thang. And every DJ understands that. Of course, we do have our "sell-outs" who just "pay for play". Literally a human jukebox. (Hmmmmm, there is another topic). Anyways...
The point of the blog is to document the process of this voting poll. If really quirky some of the reactions. Overall, we understand that all female DJs want to be heard. Well, duh, that's why we DJ in the first place. Like. Like. No seriously, the intention of being a DJ is to be creative, find new ways to express your thoughts, heart, soul, mind, and reach others while being that. In this whole world of entertainment, that gets forgotten. As SheFM we are a community of women, in all walks of life, that request to be recognized for all the contributions we make to electronic dance music worldwide. So participate in the comversation by casting your opinion. Here's the link.

"If you never speak, noone will hear you." ~ Garnetta