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Thursday, December 15, 2011

"QueenBrit' Releases

This track has very new classic feel. When I her Carlene 'QueenBrit' Graham vocals I experience being on the Chicago dance floor. There are certain tracks in this world that continue that 'ChicagoSound'. For your soulful house sets this track is a must have. 4 SheStars in my book. As "QueenBrit' says, "You go to~. You go to~ You got to push it. Yeah~~~"

Before I Go 

This track has an attractive and fun video that completes the whole mix. QueenBrit's melodic voice carries the message of separation well. As a woman liberating herself from an old fantasy relationship, she creates the opportunity to fulfill her dreams. This seems to reach the inner hearts of everyone woman craving love from a person. Well said my dear.

This track is a lounger dub that is a must for the rasters at heart. Great for those early morning lounge sets by the beach. You really get related to her Jamaican roots in this track. Her voice belts to the heavens loudly. Envision a white sand beach with clear blue-green waters as the tides brush your toes. A classic in the making. Vibrations~~~

When i here this track i see my mother dance to the moonlight rays of joy. Her presence of love it brilliant in this release. You get this experience of joy and happiness in your feet, heart, and soul. A deep groovy baseline carries her melodies throughout the night. This track definitely brings a smile to my face. Thank you for the "Sunshine".