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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Streaming Radio in Your Car

So it has been almost  a year since the official launch of SheFM© and there have been many ups and downs along the way. Our success is highly regarded across Europe and the Unites States. Now will a little experience under our belt, we begin to look at what the future of streaming music looks like. Let me tell you there is only BRIGHT futures in sight. After attending the annual CES convention in Las Vegas, we are able to get a grasp on where the future of music is heading.

Streaming music is a larger success than some may want. There are major streaming outlets in the forefront of music right now like; Pandora, Spotify, and others that are getting much deserved attention.


Pandora launched a public IPO in 2011 and had great succes the first week, soon vitality was lost in that stock, but it will bounce back. Spotify, launched its US division and gain much positive and negative attention. The greatest succes to date about both of these companies is, people are still talking about them and seeking their services. In addition Pandors has taken on a whole new game in the world of streaming with its new collaboration with PIONEER. Pioneer has teamed up with Pandora, Rdio, StreamS HiFi, and others to offer, music, Navigation, traffic reports and more right in your car dash board. Finally, the future is in our faces. Basically what this means is now your iPhone & Android apps can be used and navigated while in your car. No more cables needed to play your music with a headphone jack. :)

What does the make available for you? Well you be the judge, but according to our knowledge this lets all independent artists who have a live iPhone app stay connected even more directly with this new device. Basically it is the newest car stereo system that allows you sync apps from your phone. (Let me tell you I have been waiting patiently for two years for this service to be available). This breakthrough in technology gives the indie artist more control. So get your apps launched. We will be launching ours VERY SOON!

So do you think this innovative technology is making the "BIG BOX" labels more than ever? :) All we have to say is, keep the beats coming!