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Friday, June 15, 2012

EDC Las Vegas & Culture worldwide 2012

In my 20 years plus of going, throwing and participating in underground dance events around the United States, I can admit that EDC Las Vegas (Electronic Daisy Carnival) was being new all over again. I have heard many things about EDC for several months and I knew it was a must have experience. There were a few surprises that really left thinking there is still really great people in the scene. Being a DJ for over 15 years have given me many POV's or points of view on electronic dance music. Going to parties from Liquid Groove (ATL), Moonshine (FL), and many warehouse events in Chicago it only made sense being well rounded in all the regions of this country. 

First for a 3 day event to sell out 300,000 passes is absolutely terrific and promising. But I was wondering what all the fuss was about. The main fuss is that Las Vegas is really trying to take on being more diverse in electronic dance music culture. My experience so far as been a little diminished after the Mark Farina mishap at the MARQUEE pool on June 2nd. A legend such as his self was  kicked off the decks cause a high roller didn't like his sound? First and foremost, underground dance music was created for all the "black sheep" in the world who wanted a place to call home. That's why we (culture) ~ "We son;t just call it House. We call it Home!" Think back when this whole great culture started in the back streets of Chicago, NYC, London yards and few other places in the 70s. People understood that this was a place for them to BE completely free as they are and everyone will respect them. It seems that conversation has become a little diluted over the years. Now. it's "cool" to be a DJ. When I started DJing it was about being on with the music and the people dancing. Do people still believe in that? I know they do cause I know quite a few responsible DJs, VJs and artists who continue to present the motto of our culture. There were spoonfuls of PLUR throughout EDC Las Vegas which brought relief to my heart and soul! For those who do not know, Peace Love Unity and Respect. The intention of dance music is to be peaceful with yourself and others. Love each one equally. Respect the music, culture and all people who participate. Furthermore, create and be responsible for the unity that exist between all of us! Fortunately, a handful of people at EDC Las Vegas reminded me that PLUR is still alive :). I even had a few candies traded!

Electronic Daisy Carnival is look at some as the new WMC (Winter Music COnference). Winer Music Conference has been in existence for over 25 years. WMC was created with industry head leaders, up coming DJs, producers and lovers that wanted a central place to experience each other in the music. A great friend reminded me that EMC is not about how much money you can make or spend but about being fully self expressed in your "House". It is disheartening to see that people think this "Top 40ish" electro is house music. Study Motown, bluses, jazz, salsa, and few other parent genres of music and then come back and talk to me.

The point is this; as we gain age and wisdom we still have the responsibility to inform and educate the newer generations of electronic dance music as they join the party. The potential of the 15 year veteran festival moving to Las Vegas is a really great thing. I request that we continue to embrace the new kids, acknowledge the legends and dance in unity for the rest of life. There were some artists who really made a musical statement with their sets. Personally Sunday was my favorite day of the festival. Friday was just getting the grounds warmed up. Saturday the crowd became a little irate to the early closing of the fairgrounds but would you rather have your life or try to party in 40 mph winds that really could cause some damage. Being that two people I know died at the Indiana Fairgrounds state fair two years ago, I am more OSHA than you think. So Kudos to Insomniac for taking care of the patrons and getting back to their hotels, homes and places to sleep safely. That restored promise in my heart. The "Act of God" happens people. we must protect ourselves and our culture to play, dance and laugh more days. Anywho, back to Sunday. Sunday was the best day if you ask me. At the Cosmic Meadows the world got to experience a small taste of one of the most soulful eclectic female DJs and producers of our time, Nicole Moudaber.

Nicole choose to play a "wordless" set which allowed the crowds to really feel every beat run through their veins. The lighting design was so perfect that it seemed like the DMX cable was plugged right into Nicole's veins. It was quite beautiful!

In addition the Discovery stage finally had 3 other female DJs premier. It took all weekend to see women represented in the festival. A little disappointed by that but at  least women were there! Insomniac has a really great idea in keeping 300,000 people entertained for 12 hour daily spurts. The ticket price may seem high for some but when you think that everything besides the vendors is paid for; carnival rides, 5 genre stages, many plush human size characters, fireworks nightly and free water refill stations, you really have everything you need to have a great time. The only thing I didn't get was a t-shirt :(. Well I guess I will have to go online and get one, but I can admit I want a crew T-shirt :). The festival is brilliant enough for me to revisit next year. Until next summer, PLUR.