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Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown - Phase 2


The key to a great remix is keeping the idea of the original mix but bring new elements to the track. Always think about the original artist's intention in creating the track. It is always great to be related to original so that you get where the artists is coming from in their art. When you can keep the original idea of the music in place and create new adventure with track, you keep to embrace the artist original ideas, while contributing with new ones.

Remixing is not about reinventing the wheel, but maybe adding a different pair rims for a different fell when you drive. It just a little adjustment of your steering wheel, rear view mirrors and positioning your driver's seat for comfort during driving.

Garnetta has taken all the available stems for the project and is now arranging them with a little bit of a new fashion. She always notices her production likes to move towards more broken beat house track. And she believes in solid keys for her tracks. Another key element, is your sound. Garnetta says, "Make sure you key signature and key of the track is analogous at least. There are many hues within in sounds just there is in color. When you work within those hues, you can find yourself in a whole world. It took many many years of producing and using different DAW platforms for me to begin the discovery and potential spectrums of a track. When I produce a track, I say to myself - Does it want to make me dance?"

As an artists, you also must be aware of ear exhaustion. For every hour you work on a track you must give your ears a rest. As a producer have you ever noticed that your track starts to sounds the same? Ear exhaustion will do it every time.