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Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown - Phase 3

One of the trickest elements in Garnetta's view is keeping the original sounds of the project alive and present. Honestly, in my experience, every remix contest that she has ever been in, it just seems like the stems are just hard to work with. She also knows.that if it was easy, than any person could win the contest. Even though she has enter many remix competitions over the years, she has never won one. And really all that she wants is the opportunity to be heard by the masses, but don't we all?

So what if she has bags under her eyes, she is committed to something greater than herself. And in the end the people who get the most accomplished usually sleep the least. Bill Gates barely sleep when started Microsoft. Why? He was committed to something. And eventually he accomplished it . As well as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Oprah, and who ever else you can think. Diligence goes a long way. So to have you really experience the full ride from the seat of Garnetta's pants, she will blog, produce and be social all in the same few hours.

And the band plays on...

Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.  

~Wayne Dyer