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Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown - Phase 5

After Garnetta's short ear rest, she is reaching the final parts of the remix project. In this phase, SHe goes the track's entirety and listens for compatibility  grace, and a consistent groove for your ears pleasures. Things she looks for as an artist are; will I play the track, how well does it match her musical crates and vitality in the over sound environment of the project.

Second, she also looks for the adventure of the track. Her internal questions begins something like this:

Who? Is the main audience being targeted
What? adventures is the audience looking for while listening
When? does your audience listen to music the most
Where? is the place they listen to music
Why? do they listen to the music in the first place

How? does the audience interact with your music as a whole

These are just a fews things a producer and DJ thinks about when in their creative space. Going through your why's can make a difference in getting your message completly communicated in every track you make.

Finally, the bounce down and track match with goodies of Garnetta's music crate. One of the last real test Garnetta take before presenting new music to the world is called a 'Crate Match Up'. What's a crate match up? Well, as a DJ when you shop for new vinyl/music that makes your personal tastes and style of your overall music collection. How well does your new track match with other music you own and put in rotation on a regular. Use your favorites. Look to see how well your bounced, stereo track matches. This is an industry secret that many DJs do not tell the next person.