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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Female Label Series: Pt. 1 NightChild Records

Rissa Garcia

In our new series: Female Owned and Operated Labels, we will speak with label owners from across the globe and pick their brains a little. This is a series of blogs well overdue. We will continuously connect you with great international digital electronic dance music labels being fronted by women. It is our honor and privilege to introduce you to our first interview, Rissa Garcia of NightChild Records.

NightChild Records is an all digital labeled based out of New York City. They have been in business for 5 years and are going strong. The label was initially created by Carlos Ruiz then the boss, Rissa stepped in and has been holding ground ever since.
Their Mission: 
NightChild Records is a digital house label based in NYC that is looking to present artists with a unique vision and sound. Striving to bring to the public all forms of House music, NightChild will not concentrate on one single genre but all genres within the underground-house realm.
NightChild Records was started in 2007 with the goal of releasing House music of all styles and beyond without the artistic constraints of the sometimes rigid market and allowing their artists complete artistic freedom. After they released their debut EP, NightChild began to sign music from such local New York City talents like Markos, Rob Regan, Pat King, Ariel”lights”Figueroa and more.
As they gained positive feedback from each release along with some being featured on digital retailer best seller charts,NightChild started signing new artists from abroad to provide an even wider range of sound to the label. When asked how they go about choosing the music and artists they sign, they answered simply “we love good music and artists with passion and vision, there really isn’t much more to it then that.”
They have had success with support from heavy weights such as Peace Division, DJ Vibe, DJ Sneak, Radio Slave, Tedd Patterson, Louie Vega, Todd Terry, Danny Tenaglia, Demarkus Lewis and Danny Krivit just to name a few. With NightChild going strong on their releases and artists developing on every record, it’s not hard to see why they’re so relentless on keeping the music and their vision at its core.
In our interview with Rissa are stronger understanding of NightChild's goal are entirely fully expressed in detail. 
NightChild Records

SheFM:  First and foremost, tell the world who you are. How did you get inspired to start a record label? 

Rissa:  Initially it was not my idea and it just kind of fell into my lap. NightChild Records was initially the idea of my partner/sound engineer Carlos Ruiz but life happens and I took control and never looked back. 

SheFM:  What do you think has been your most successful part of your business so far? 

Rissa:  First and foremost, I am just happy to be able to give some artist a platform to stand on and being able to see them grow from the seed I planted is the most rewarding aspect for me. As far as “success” I would say having such legendary artist like Louie Vega and Todd Terry license a track from our catalog for their mix compilations.    
SheFM:  When listening to promos, what catches your ear? 

Rissa:  I can’t really say because I honestly don’t know….it just has to have a certain something but almost everything I like is built on a chunky groove. 

SheFM:  Currently how many artists do you represent on your label?    

Rissa: We don’t represent any artist so to speak we just release their music and we’ve released music from over 50 artists and have a lot more to introduce to you in 2013.

SheFM:  Where do you see your label 5 years from now? 

Rissa: Exactly, where we are today but with more releases and artist under our belt as a label, we don’t really strive for commercial success in the same sense a regular business does.  We just hope to continue to grow sonically and artistically more than anything else and we just want the NightChild Records name to be synonymous with quality. I think we are on our way to achieving that goal.

SheFM:  Do you have any plans for album only releases in the future? 

Rissa: No

SheFM:  What trends have you noticed in personal taste for DJs and your consumers? 

Rissa: I don’t really pay much attention to trends but I have seen folks jump many bandwagons as they go from minimal to sleepy deep house to techno blah blah blah….My sound is forever evolving but it doesn’t deviate from a basic foundation. If you listen to my mix sets from 5 years ago they sound exactly as they do know but may just have a more refined quality to them. Some Dj’s when you listen to their sets it sounds like an entirely different dj and there is always a natural progression but I think too many are focused on trends.

SheFM:  Do you have any suggestions for any new comers to the industry? 

Rissa: Just keep it simple, keep it about love and everything else will follow.

SheFM:  What has been your most rewarding accomplishment yet? 

Rissa: This label and seeing how much it has grown in the last 5 years J

SheFM:  What has been you greatest breakdown? 

Rissa: Time….lol

SheFM: What direction do you see the electronic dance industry going? 

Rissa:  I’m not sure as I am as least “industry” as you can get. Like I said previously I don’t really pay attention to the industry part, I don’t read blogs and websites that tell you what you should like who is hot who is not, I just focus on what I love and that’s music.  My hope is that the “DJ” trend gets old quick and we can go back to having quality nights out again but not sure that will happen anytime soon because there are so many gimmicks and ways of becoming a “dj” without having a real talent for it. It kind of makes me sick when I think of all the djs being booked based on a track that they didn’t even produce but just bought and put their name on it. When I look at all the ways to get “hype” without deserving it how people buy  social media hype, press managers, agents and all the stuff that shouldn’t be involved in the underground community, I just want to scream. I have literally seen some pretty well known djs that are traveling the globe clear out dance floors on more than one occasion. I’ve heard many dj sets that people deem amazing and it makes me wonder whether they are just distracted by the name attached to the set or they have never heard the magic of a truly masterful mix. There are some really poorly programmed sets out there that don’t have that “art of flow” that a well programmed dj mix is supposed to have but I noticed most fans today won’t recognize that so there is definitely a lack of education out there.  I think it’s sad that more people react to a dj’s name than they react to the music. 
SheFM:  What part of the business do you think has the largest growth?

Rissa: I think the commercial EDM scene has definitely exploded but I wouldn’t say that is a good thing.

SheFM:  What region of the world do you think the best music is being produced right now? 

Rissa: I think there is quality from all across the globe…you just have to find it J
SheFM:  As a label owner. Do you notice any trends in where music is made or do you think there are just a lot of copy cats? 

Rissa: I definitely think there are a lot of copy cats but at the same time there are also a lot of genuine producers that love a particular sound. Me for example, I love that 90s house sound and have been playing it forever but I noticed it’s that latest trend to come about though I am not complaining because I do enjoy a lot of the stuff coming out and think it’s great to hear people making some good ole fashion house music.

SheFM:  What would you like to see more available in the industry in the upcoming year? 

Rissa: I would just like to see more people doing it for love……

SheFM:  How do you think social media has helped the industry? Do you think it has hindered the industry in any way?  

Rissa: I think it has been a double edged sword for the industry. On one hand it has helped connect artist/producers across the globe and gave them a way to reach out to each other but on the other hand it can give people a false sense of reality. If you take a look at some like pages with a ton of likes and followers but no interaction on the pages itself it may be a case of hiring these services that produce likes and followers for you. So here you may think wow this person must be really popular or a great artist not knowing that there isn’t anything genuine behind it.  It’s a house of cards and I think it’s more prevalent these days as more n more people are in a rush to become superstar djs are in it all of the wrong reasons.
SheFM:  What suggestions do you have for the up and coming DJs, Artists and producers? 

Rissa: It may be trite but stay true to yourself, maintain an honest approach at things and never let it go to your head…..People will always tell you what you want to hear but it doesn’t mean they are always being honest.

At SheFM we interact with all types of label owners, DJs, VJs, Artists and many others in the electronic dance industry on a daily basis. First, we want to thank Rissa for taking a few moments out her very demanding life to conduct this interview. Second, we collaborate with all types of musically inclined people but, we embrace and cherish people who contribute in the view point of NightChild. We realize there is always room in the sandbox for other to come play, so therefore, we embrace all new comers that really have the goals and intentions of contributing the culture of electronic dance music worldwide. As you will discover in this new series, there are many enriched minds who still contiue the values of the original culture today we call home. Until next time, take care of yourself. And each other.