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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Dawn of a New Producer

So it has been a while since we have last spoken. This next few blog will be about building a House music track. We realized that we have not been paying enough attention to our founder, Garnetta. Garnetta is entering a music competition for the another Discovery Project & Insomniac. Who is Insomniac  Just wondering, did you read the last blog post? (LOL) on a serious not. Insomniac is the largest multi festival producing promoters for EDM music world. Now, Garnetta is knocking on the door for a second time. So for the next few hours, we will take you through the eyes of a female DJ and Producer working on a track from start to finish. Finally you will get an opportunity to cast your vote and see dreams come true for another female EDM artist in the world.

So the competition details:

Perform At The Next Insomniac Festival
For Insomniac's second annual White Wonderland NYE, we've reserved an opening slot for one valiant contestant to showcase his or her mastery of house music. To enter, we ask that you produce a remix of Bunny's 'Countdown' (from the forthcoming White Wonderland trailer) and submit a thirty-minute DJ mix reflecting what you would play at White Wonderland. If selected, you'll join the White Wonderland lineup on New Year's Eve and be invited to guest-mix an edition of Dancing Astronaut'sAxis podcast.