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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Female Label Series: Pt 4 1.1 Digital Recordings

First, tell the world who you are. How did you get inspired to start a record label?

My name is Heidi Massin,and I'm a music producer, musician and DJ.  I started the label 1.1 Digital Recordings for a compilation project of electronica dance musicians from around the globe as I wanted to share this genre of music from different artists located around the globe.  I was inspired by each of these artists, who are full of talent and come from varying backgrounds.

What do you think has been you most successful part of your business so far?

The most successful part of my business to date has been that I was given the opportunity to produce the debut album, "Elixir".  With careful planning, the CD was released on scheduled and without any issues.  That, to me, was a major success.

When listening to promos, what catches your ear?

When listening to promos, many things can catch my attention but I'd have to say that if I'm not engaged within the first 20-30 seconds, then I move on to the next one.  Generally, if the music moves me, and the sound is emoting, I'll generally continue listening.  

Currently how many artists do you represent on your label?

Currently, the label represents 11 artists.
Where do you see your label 5 years from now?

I've been working very diligently with people in the local music scene in Houston, and the goal is that within 5 years or less, 1.1 Digital Recordings is a well-known, reputable music label based in Houston with an outstanding roster of global artists.
Do you have any plans for album only releases in the future?
There are plans for album only releases either this quarter or 2nd quarter 2013. 

What trends have you noticed in personal taste for DJs and your consumers?

The trend is that DJs are dominating the Electronica Dance Music (EDM) scene, and that trend has been rapidly growing in the United States.  The other trend is that females have jumped in the game to make their mark as well!  I'm very excited about that!!!
As for consumers of EDM, they tend to frequent the festivals yet do not buy the actual music as much.  That's a trend I'll continue following though over time. 

Do you have any suggestions for any new comers to the industry?

The best suggestion that I have is if you're a newcomer to the industry to learn everything there is to know about the music industry, and like most industries, network and meet people in the business.  One of the best groups that I've been involved with and am a director for in the Houston chapter is NARIP, the National Association of Record Industry Professionals.  Seek out NARIP if there's one in your area, or go to one or two of their meetings if you're in a city where there's a NARIP chapter.

What has been your most rewarding accomplishment yet?

My most rewarding accomplishment has been working with experienced music industry people in Houston.

What has been you greatest breakdown?

The greatest breakdown is not having enough time!

What direction do you see the electronic dance industry going?

From all of the industry reports and articles that I've read the Electronic Dance scene will continue growing!

What part of the business do you think has the largest growth?

The Electronic Dance Music scene is expected grow which also means festival growth.  In turn, that also means other technical support is needed, as well as production people are needed. Additionally, there'll be growth as generally videos have become very popular for EDM songs thus more jobs.    

What region of the world do you think the best music is being produced right now? 

For me, some of the best music comes from the U.K. and Australia, however many American artists lately have been producing some wonderful music. 

As a label owner. do you notice any trends in where music is made or do you think there are just a lot of copy cats?

The trend is America, in my opinion, but I think opportunities have opened up in many places, including many Asian countries.

What would you like to see more available in the industry in the upcoming year?

I would like to see more royalties and licensing opportunities for the artists!

How do you think social media has helped the industry? Do you think it has hindered the industry in any way?

I think social media has both helped and hindered in the industry. In a positive way, it's helped the independent artists grow their fan base and expand their craft into areas they would never had been able to do otherwise.  Social media can be a hindrance though if a person is technically-challenged or does not have access to it.

What suggestions do you have for the up and coming DJs, Artists and producers?

My suggestions for up and coming DJs and artists are to perform as much as you possibly can, and for producers to go see as many DJs and artists as they possible can, especially in your own local market.  Grow the industry organically by starting local.

Do you notice any trends in music from Europe and the US?

Of course the EDM trend that's been going on in Europe finally reached the U.S. shores.  That's the one that I keep tabs on the most.

What advancements do you see for women in music? (particularly electronic dance music)

Advancements for women in the industry have come a long way and only continue to grow, especially in EDM.  I hope to continue thriving in the EDM genre both as a producer and DJ and mentor to others who are wanting to break into the scene.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

I have many favorites, so I'll share with you my all-time favorite's Paul Van Dyk!  
He has such a down-to-earth quality and continues creating wonderful music.  As for my favorite female artist, I'd say Jacinta (aka DJ LoveFreq).  She's multi-talented, a wonderful, creative spirit who has a voice like an angel yet creates mixes and mash-ups like no other women I've experienced in the EDM genre.  She's a star by far!!!

Where can people submit demos for your label?

Anyone wishing to submit a demo or promo of their music for consideration to our label, may send me an e-mail to  I'll share with them the information on how and where to send it.