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Friday, February 15, 2013

New Track & Hot Artist

We are always graced with awesome talent from all over the world. the newest delight we get to share with you is the remix from a Diva Dance artist, Maria Dark. Let us share with you a small perspective about this artist from NYC.

Maria Dark has earned acclaim, not to mention dj plays by world recognized djs like Oscar G (Murk), Chus and Ceballos, Ted Patterson, Dj Theo, Junior Vasquez and Tom Stephan for her explosive progressive/tribal/club tracks that are blowing up

Maria has been a part of the NYC EDM scene for well over a decade dating back to the Twilo days when she started off as a passionate fan to a now talented DJ / Producer of the music we love. Her passion for music brought out amazing creativity and defined the Dark Tribal sound she brings us today. 

She has had some top shelf releases that have quickly gained the acknowledgement and support of some of todays top jocks. With original tracks like "Salvation" which was recently remixed by the Iberican master DJ Chus to a collaboration with "Superchumbo" Maria Dark has earned acclaim, not to mention being included on Soundgroove recordings "Top Club Anthems Of 2012" compilation. 

Maria is also a DJ best known for her versatile drum heavy sound.. She has played east cost top nightclub venues such as District 36 , XL, Cielo , Pacha and G/R/A/N/D. Maria has a passion for making the crowd move, Maria is dedicated to feeding the dance floor with relentless energy.

Seeking to grow as an artist, Maria now has her sights set on bringing her passion for good music & her love for the underground to like minded party people throughout the US and beyond so people can dance, regardless of their taste in music, age, or personal background. Maria is a one of kind true creative artist. “I don’t have a style, I have a sound,” she often says"”

Maria's newest remix is a tribal adventure that makes your feet move without thinking. Her mixture of percussion, heart wrenching bass lines and ultimate groove, give your heart a place. Her continuous contribution to the electronic dance music scene has only just begun. Maria Dark is a legend in her OWN right. Keep an ear out for her at all times. Someone to recognize in such a short time of physically producing music for you to dance to. Decades in the making; a legend has risen once again. NY is lucky to have such a treasure amongst their greats.

So with that short introduction, follow to her on Facebook: Maria Dark

Listen to her tracks here: Maria Dark

Be Tweet with her here: Maria Dark

Buy &amp: Support her music here: Maria Dark

It is an honor and a privilege to know Maria. With her large contributions to music and an ever growing market, dance will commence. Find Maria Dark performing at the annual female focused electronic dance music event in Las Vegas called, Diva Dance. Get your tickets now! this premier annual event will be one for the books and you should be there! Enjoy Maria Dark!